Operation Zombie D episode-1

Operation Zombie D episode-1 is a Zombie Game

In a place people were attacked by a virus called zombies. No human being left there.it seems like a forest.So, in order to get rid of this zombies soldiers came with an operation Zombie D(Dark). Firstly one soldier got down from army chopper zombies killed him, and again another soldier is getting down by seeing this zombie crashed the army chopper.But unfortunately only one solider had saved he should destroy the zombie with weapon only. From here game starts…………

Operation Zombie D episode-1 is FREE on Android!

Game Features :

• NO in-app purchase
• Use 5 different weapons
• Action game with interesting Zombie-shooting
• Kill different kind of zombies
• End unlimited zombies with limited bullets
• Zombies are also having weapons
• Some Zombies die instantly and some are very hard to die

How to play :

• Select Gun and shoot the Zombies
• Tap the special button while choosing shot gun
• Use special power weapons
• Use limited bullets and try to walk more distance.


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